Institutional Product

      Bedding Accessories Comfy sets that complements our luxury hotel beds
Rollaway Beds The Slumberland rollaway bed consists of a normal set of Slumberland Institutional Series of mattress and divan and a specially made headboard which has castors for easy transportation.
Standard Thickness Mattress: 8” Divan: 10” Castor and Glide: 2.5” * Thickness tolerance for mattress
Bed Companions

● PILLOWS Slumberland pillows contain 100% hollow siliconized polyester inner-filling which is light in weight, washable and luxuriously resilient. The cover fabric is made of 100% high quality cotton.

● BOLSTERS Bolsters contain 100% hollow siliconized polyester inner-filling. The fabric cover is also made of 100% high-quality cotton.

● MATTRESS PROTECTORS The Slumberland Mattress Protector can add years to the life of your mattress by keeping it clean and free from stains. The 100% high quality cotton cover gives extra durability. It is filled with 100% hollow siliconized polyester so it is light, soft and washable. Four elastic anchor bands are provided at the corners for a snug fit.

Posture Spring Divan

      Product SAFE-TECH Posture Spring Divan
Springing System Posture Springing
Upholstery Layers ● Felt Pad ● PU Foam ● Wooden Frame Made Of Tropical Hardwoodwashable.
Upholstery Layers 3’0″(W) x 6’3″(L) x 12’5″(H) 3’6″(W) x 6’3″(L) x 12’5″(H) 5’0″(W) x 6’3″(L) x 12’5″(H) 6’0″(W) x 6’3″(L) x 12’5″(H)